“The Amazing Things & Ideas Newsletter” shares:

– one original idea from my side. And;
– The Amazing Things & Ideas List

  1. The “one original idea” part is a short bite-sized piece on subjects like that which I write about on my blog.

  2. The “Things” in the “Amazing Things & Ideas List” is for book/article/podcast/video/other “thing” recommendations;

    - and the “Ideas” is for excerpts from books/quotes/tweets/short ideas by others;

    all of which revolve around philosophically aligned topics but more specifically on subjects like (among others) human psychology and behavior, thinking and rationality, evolution, astronomy, perspective, learning, society and intelligent civilization, education, creativity and anything else that fascinates my sense of wonder or on which I can (thoughtfully) rant about. The one original idea would also be related to these.

This newsletter is an extension of my blog (but shares exclusive ideas—not shared on my blog) which is at https://arjunkhemani.com