Feb 6 • 55M

#13 – Danny Miranda: Creating Podcasts and The Future

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Arjun Khemani
A podcast about progress, philosophy, science, education, and the unconstrained human condition.
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Danny Miranda is the host of The Danny Miranda Podcast where he’s interviewed people like Bryan Johnson, Morgan Housel, Gary Vaynerchuck, David Perell, Jim O’Shaughnessy, Sam Parr, Anthony Pompliano, Derek Sivers, among many others.

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0:00 - 7-year-old Danny taking over the New York Times

2:17 - Thoughts on creating content

5:09 - The desire to be normal

8:22 - Danny’s entire process of creating a podcast

22:25 - Seeing no results

22:09 - Twitter is invaluable

26:51 - You gotta go where the people are

35:10 - On podcasting and the future

41:10 - Books and podcasts Danny likes

46:53 - Gary Vaynerchuck and optimism

52:18 - People Danny admires and closing remarks


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