Sep 1 • 42M

#21 – David D. Friedman: The Machinery of Freedom, Education, and India

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Arjun Khemani
A podcast about progress, philosophy, science, education, and the unconstrained human condition.
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David D. Friedman is an anarcho-capitalist economist, author of ‘The Machinery of Freedom’, and son of Milton Friedman.


0:44 - 50 years of The Machinery of Freedom

3:35 - What is a government?

9:22 - How law could be produced and enforced in an anarcho-capitalist society

12:00 - Laws produced by the market will be biased toward freedom

14:27 - Is David an anarchist for pragmatic or ethical reasons?

15:41 - Strategy

18:19 - Governments evolving into private firms and science-fiction

25:43 - India, capitalism, and the West

32:51 - The rights of youth, education, and the State


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